Our Campaigns

Buy Local Knox

Our campaign for people to buy products from local businesses in the Knox area

Better Political Leadership

Our political leadership in Knox has been abysmal for many years. Recent events have shown how morally bankrupt our leaders are.

Better Playgrounds

Knox council has amazing parkland, but our council leadership is leaving the playgrounds in a terrible state. Time to improve

Tram to Knox City

The transport system around the Knox region is terrible.
Knox city needs a tram line.

Past events and campaigns

Community Garden

Establishment of a community garden at local church grounds

Improve Lake Knox

Lake Knox has been ignored by local government for years. Polluted and unmaintained, this 'lake' needs to be saved and improved.

Better Retirement Facilities

Knox is an amazing place to live, but our facilities for retirement are very expensive and transport is difficult. Things need to improve.

Better Bus Service

Knox bus services are essential for transport, as we don't have any trains. Friends of Knox supports better bus service.